Almonim Metim – EP

Last recording ever in the Koro and first recording ever for killer hardcore punk act Almonim Metim. At first, this was meant to be a quick demo as I didn’t even set up a control room for this. What I did is I retroactively monitored the recording on my headphones while being in the same room with the playing band. The result turned out better than expected and soon to get a physical release.

PS This is one of my favourites israeli acts at the moment.

released October 22, 2015


Parve – Stabilité Économique

As this Jerusalem-based duo defines itself, Parve is a jewcy blend of sludge, noise, stoner, drone, improv, shamanism and fear of technology inspired by the cat moog. This EP, soon on vinyl, was one of my last recordings at the Koro. This is also my very first attempt to mix the vocals live on tape with the rest of the tracks. So everything you hear is played live and mixed live with no overdubs.

released august 28 2015


Dangers – Koro live session

Dangers are a hardcore band from Los Angeles, CA. In August they came to Israel for a short tour organised by some Koro members. On top of that, someone had the crazy Idea to shoot them a live session in the club itself on a very hot friday morning. As member of the Koro I took part of the sound part: multi-miking mixed on desk into a single stereophonic soundcard . So once again, no post recording mix baby. What you see is what you hear and vice-versa.



D.R.Y. – Amen

This is an unusual one. Experimental-industrial duo originating from Jerusalem. Before this mixing session I’ve known them for their very powerful live performances. The tracks were sent to me by a good friend managing the Jerusalem underground label Raash Hour, as the song was to be part of the label’s own compilation vinyl “Fifth Quarter – Current Raw Sounds of Jerusalem“. The mixing was quite didactic, as the recording was pretty raw and I had to recreate atmospheres of genres I wasn’t so familiar with before. Goal was achieved with few bass enhancers, stereophonic psychoacoustic tricks and new researches in the reverberation field.

Recorded at New Tone studios by Arik Finkelberg.
Mastered by Aviad Finklelbert.

The song has also a videoclip

PS – track 11 in the compilation, Dirt Ensemble – Disease Inna Zion was also mixed by me

The Turbans – Music For Weddings EP

Garage vibes from Jerusalem. What stroke me is that these guys’ definition of lo-fi was even lower than mine. Two guitars, no bass, occasional keys and a good seventies feeling to it. This was recorded in the Koro on the almighty Tascam 2track reel-to-reel  tape. So again, live mix and no mistakes. Vocals were the only overdub and the master was made digitally.

Released digitally on August 30 2015

Mad Choice – If You Won’t Stay EP

This is the only recording ever done in the Koro that wasn’t mixed by me. This time we tried to make the place look and sound like an actual recording studio. So on with multi-tracking, over-dubs and re-amping for this super tight punk rock trio. The tracks were sent to Studio 4 in Pennsylvania where they were mixed by Will Yip (Title Fight, Paint It Black, Blacklisted to name a few). And back to my home studio where they were mastered by me to add slight analogue touch.
This EP isn’t even online so this is sort of a premiere. For other recordings visit Mad Choice’s bandcamp

Copout – Spray Paint EP

Fast, bold and loud melodic hardcore from Rosh Ha-hayin. On this one the method I used was similar to the 2-track reel-to-reel recording, with the only difference that the live mix was recorded into a two channels sound-board and not on actual tape due to budget reasons. The final result had a good live feeling to it, so I adopted this digital version of the live mix method in further releases as well. Even though I would always prefer the tape.

Mastered by Daniel Husayn and soon to be released on 7″ by Toanol Records.

Marmara Streisand – Purity Of Arms

Politically charged hardcore punk with the gentle touch of a violin and crusty feelings. In a good punk tradition, sloppy with vibes. This is the very first master I’ve done for vinyl. The internet version posted here is little louder than the analogue version, but the concept is similar. This was also a little role-play game, as the mix was done by Finkelbert whom mastered two of my previous mixes.

The recording was done by Tom Albaz & Roi Avital at the “Incubator”.
Released on vinyl as “The Purity Of Arms/Lullabies Of Destruction LP
You’re Next Records
Black Rose Records
Drink and be Merry Records


Read their lyrics because it’s some of the smartest to come out of recent Israeli bands.