Tea With Satan – Demonchillin

Faster than death music. Another band of mine. This one goes way back, much before I entered myself into the world of sound. If I’m not mistaken we recorded this in 2009 in the Patiphone when it used to be also a recording studio. The mix was done by Yanir our guitar player, but due to heavy dope smoking habits in the band and new projects in our lives, we never truly made a master for this recording, alas never released it.
Some more than a year ago, a nostalgic chill passed through me and I decided it is time to pay this recording its deserved merits and give it a proper master. So now it’s got its own bandcamp page and you can download it yourself HERE

Recorded by Daniel Zaidenstadt in 2009.
Mixed by Yanir Rav-Hon
Mastered by me


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