Zaga Zaga – 4 Songs EP

This recording would set a milestone for my whole work at the Koro further on. The band was recorded live on a Tascam 2-track 1/4″ reel-to-reel tape owned by some Koro members. All microphones summed into one single stereo track. So no post-recording mix. Everything on board and on the spot, no place for mistakes. Somewhat I liked the chances taken in it and the final result was good (I’d  still add some kick drum to this one specific though), so this method became a standard for further recordings. Punk, eh?
Only the vocals were recorded digitally. Forgot to mention Zaga Zaga kick ass.

Released on February 2015 by
Kuskus Records
Shalosh Cult

Mastered by Noam Levinberg



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