The Orions – Lightning Stroke Twice LP

First full length record to be ever released by this instrumental surf-rock bombshell. I’ve got to say that I can never be neutral when it comes to the Orions. Besides being good friends, hey are the first band I’ve recorded and the first band that took me on tour as their FOH engineer.

The making of this record wasn’t a usual one. Despite having zero budget, the band insisted we should record this the analogue way. So after speaking with analogue master Assaf Tager (from band Katamine), we found out a way of making this possible. Assaf had a Tascam 1/2″ 8-track reel-to-reel recorder (owned by late Israeli musician Charlie Megira), and we opted we could make the record inside the Zimmer, a DIY space that used to exist in the south of Tel Aviv. So,after bringing all the gear in (a Mackie 32-8 mixer, a bunch of dynamic processors, reverb units and one Space Echo) Assaf and me recorded 7 tracks on tape (drums summed in 2 tracks, bass, 2 guitars and stereo room).
The process was slow and difficult since we had no way of truly monitoring the recording or actually knowing what we were doing. Since we were sitting in the same room with the band, the only way of shaping the sound was to to record, stop, roll back, press play, listen, draw conclusions, make changes.
Few months later, we met up all at the Koro, to mix the seven tracks into a 2-track reel-to-reel tape. No DAW (or proper recording methods) were used for making this record.
And this is just how it sounds.



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