Los Kikes – ST 2006 (remix and remaster)

This is definitely one of the coolest projects in my last year. Hayehudonim (or Los Kikes) is one of the first bands I saw live as a teenage punk in Tel Aviv.
Rock’n’roll, punk, d-beat, surf, sludge: they got it all and they blend it exquisitely with extreme high fuzz energy and lo-fi vibes. The only record they ever made was released on CD in 2006 and sounded too harsh to endure an extended playing in most stereos. The record was made by local rock and roll genius Charlie Megira (RIP). The songs were recorded on a Tascam 8-track reel to reel tape (the same one we used for The Orions record) and mixed by Charlie himself.
For the record’s reissue on Vinyl, the band decided it should be remixed. So we found the lost reels and converted the whole session into digital.
What I got were some of the most messed up tracks I ever had to work with. It literally took me ten minutes to understand which track is the second drum channel and which is the Vocal FX. The mixing process main purpose was giving this record’s lo-fi nature a more punchy attitude. Did we make it? see for yourself




Krokodil Popular – ST LP

I don’t usually mix stuff I didn’t record, but there are exceptions here and there. 8 songs, very eclectic genre-blending and song-writing, loads of recorded layers: this record was somewhat of a project. This production required a more Hi Fi approach than my usual, so up with full on mixing in the box. I believe I opened a SoundToys Decapitator on every second channel. The record was mastered by Daniel Husayn and released in Levontin 7 few months back.


Zaga Zaga – ST LP

Second time I record this Tel Aviv based post-hardcore foursome. While the first time we recorded on a tape, this time we went for a more conventional recording. Full instrumental separation and loads of guitar overdubs, all in the awesome Polar studios in south Tel Aviv. The tracks were later on mixed by Jack Shirley from The Atomic Garden Studios (Deafheaven, Punch, Torso and many more)