Jarada – S/T LP

Can’t be too neutral on this one. Jarada is one of my favourite active hardcore punk bands in Israel at the moment. Their productivity is pretty impressive: they started playing just this summer and their first LP is already out. The recording and mixing were done by my friend and colleague Ziv Arbel at our new studio, Beit Alfa.
As it is quite clear from the first listen, this record’s main vision was raw, lo fi, and crispy anger. For this purpose I mastered this on our beloved Reel-to-Reel  TASCAM 1/4inch tape. Input level was purposely pushed to the limit to obtain round and smooth compression combined with high frequency drive (audible mainly on the cymbals). Back in the box I added some necessary equalisation, compression and further saturation with the ultimate distortion plug-in Decapitator (pretty of a must in every mix I make. I once even added it on claps).



Parve – Stabilité Économique

As this Jerusalem-based duo defines itself, Parve is a jewcy blend of sludge, noise, stoner, drone, improv, shamanism and fear of technology inspired by the cat moog. This EP, soon on vinyl, was one of my last recordings at the Koro. This is also my very first attempt to mix the vocals live on tape with the rest of the tracks. So everything you hear is played live and mixed live with no overdubs.

released august 28 2015


The Turbans – Music For Weddings EP

Garage vibes from Jerusalem. What stroke me is that these guys’ definition of lo-fi was even lower than mine. Two guitars, no bass, occasional keys and a good seventies feeling to it. This was recorded in the Koro on the almighty Tascam 2track reel-to-reel  tape. So again, live mix and no mistakes. Vocals were the only overdub and the master was made digitally.

Released digitally on August 30 2015

Shifka Chiefs – Koro Sessions

Put your dancing shoes on. This inter-mediterranean Berlin-Tel Aviv post-Uzbeks project was one of the hottest tunes to hit Koro’s studio. Second recording done using the Tascam tape. So again, no mix. A couple of hours to set the sound up, and we roll. This time I used my stereo SSL buss compressor for parallel compression where I ran most tracks that needed a boost in the general mix (mainly drums). Recording input was high as for the first time I discovered the magic of the tape’s compression. Hopefully soon this recording will hit the wax. Till then visit the band’s bandcamp

Zaga Zaga – 4 Songs EP

This recording would set a milestone for my whole work at the Koro further on. The band was recorded live on a Tascam 2-track 1/4″ reel-to-reel tape owned by some Koro members. All microphones summed into one single stereo track. So no post-recording mix. Everything on board and on the spot, no place for mistakes. Somewhat I liked the chances taken in it and the final result was good (I’d  still add some kick drum to this one specific though), so this method became a standard for further recordings. Punk, eh?
Only the vocals were recorded digitally. Forgot to mention Zaga Zaga kick ass.

Released on February 2015 by
Kuskus Records
Shalosh Cult

Mastered by Noam Levinberg